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  • How to Choose a Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

    A hydraulic pressure gauge is an instrument that is used to measure internal pressure of hydraulic equipment and devices. When choosing a hydraulic pressure gauge, there are some important features that you should look for and keep in mind.

    Hydraulic Pressure GaugeHydraulic Pressure Gauge Operating Conditions

    When choosing the gauge you would like to use, take into consideration the operating conditions that will be imposed upon it. There shouldn’t be sudden changes in pressure, temperature or mechanical vibration made upon the hydraulic pressure gauge at any time. You may have to install additional accessories in order to protect the gauge if you are using one that would be exposed to these variables.

    Hydraulic Pressure Gauge and Environmental Conditions

    You must also take into consideration what kind of environment that the pressure gauge is going to be used in when choosing which one would be best for the job. When a hydraulic pressure gauge is exposed to dirt, oils and other substances, they can get inside the individual components of the gauge. In turn, these contaminants will directly affect the way it measures pressure. It is possible to get inaccurate measurements because of this reason.

    Functions of Hydraulic Pressure GaugeExposure to dirt, oils and other foreign substances can affect the durability and the hydraulic pressure gauge’s length of life as well. Not taking this point into consideration when deciding and purchasing the gauge will cause problems and costs that could have been avoided if this type of planning would have been done ahead of time.

    If the pressure gauge is exposed to corrosive substances that then get inside the units inner components, solidification of the pressure gauge can occur. You should definitely purchase and use a diaphragm seal protector to avoid this if you know the pressure gauge will be used in this type of atmosphere.

    Working Pressure of the Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

    It is important that a pressure gauge is not pushed passed the dials maximum reading; here are the recommended limits that should be adhered to while the gauge is being used.

    Working Pressure of the Hydraulic Pressure GaugeWhen using a constant, steady pressure, your hydraulic pressure gauge should not be greater than the area that is within the middle one-third range on the gauges measurement scale.

    If you have variable pressures, then the working pressure should not reach any more than one-third of the total range of the scale.

    Finally, if you will be operating the hydraulic pressure gauge in an area that varies in between a vacuum, and that of an above atmospheric pressure, experts recommend using compounded ranges as your reading and baseline guide.

    If you would like to dig even further into this subject, and would like to obtain additional information and details on selecting the perfect hydraulic pressure gauge, you may want to take a look at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers guide called the American National Standard, or ANSI B40.1.

    With some advanced thought and planning, you will be able to choose the very best hydraulic pressure gauge for your individual needs.

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  • Things You Ought To Know About Noshok Pressure Gauge

    Noshok Pressure GaugePressure gauge is an essential device used in industrial plants to examine pressure and temperature. There is a variety of pressure gauges designed to measure specific variables. Noshok is one of the leading companies specializing in several selections of gauges such as sanitary gauges, process gauges, test gauges, industrial gauges and digital pressure gauges.

    Noshok was founded in 1967 and has continuously provided quality equipments and instruments to industrial plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical and food laboratories and other industrial applications. They came up with several options for their customers depending on their consumer’s requirements.

    If you are looking for a reliable Noshok pressure gauge that can tolerate intense shock, then 300 Series Brass Case Gauge is the most reliable choice. For heavy duty tasks, 600/700 Series which is made from alloy and stainless steel is the most popularly used pressure gauge around the world. There are companies that require accuracy in their measurement like those that are heavily involved in calibration, aerospace and laboratories. If precision is the top priority, then 800 series of Noshok pressure gauge should be your pick.

    The innovative goal of the company to provide exceptional Noshok pressure gauge was revealed in their options of extreme high pressure gauges. This types of pressure gauge have a pressure range from 0- 20,000 to 0- 60,000 psig. Series 402 and 502 has a pressure range from 0-80,000 psig to 0-100,000 psig.

    digital Noshok Pressure GaugeAs a maker of reliable gauges, Noshok pressure gauge classified their pressure gauge items into dry pressure gauge and liquid filled pressure gauge. Since the introduction of liquid filled pressure gauge, it started to gain outstanding feedback from the customers.

    Not only that, Noshok also provided up to three year warranty for Noshok pressure gauge selection. These products include the 1000 Series Digital Gauge for dry pressure gauge and most of their liquid filled pressure gauges.



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  • Reasons Why You Should Choose Ashcroft Pressure Gauge

    Ashcroft Pressure GaugeAshcroft is a sought-after brand for pressure gauges and instruments used in laboratories, power plants, medical and pharmaceutical facilities, manufacturing companies and refineries. Established by Edward Ashcroft with the aim of producing safe and superior pressure gauges, the company continues to deliver the quality instruments for more than 150 years.

    Ashcroft pressure gauge is not only known for its durability and quality but also for providing a wide array of choices for pressure and temperature gauges. These are products that carefully passed quality standard so consumers are guaranteed to receive the best item for their money.  Whatever pressure gauge you need, Ashcroft has them for you. In fact, they help their consumers decide in picking the right pressure gauge for them.

    There are a couple of things that need to be checked when choosing the right pressure gauge. Some of these things include accuracy, the kind of material used, dial size, corrosion resistance, connection size, option of installation and the pressure range. Once they decide their main concern, consumers are free to check them in the variety of Ashcroft pressure gauge.

    digital Ashcroft Pressure GaugeIf you are looking for an Ashcroft pressure gauge that highlights accuracy, test gauges are specifically designed for that. You can even choose from either mechanical pressure gauge or the digital one. Industrial and commercial gauges have a range of Ashcroft pressure gauges known for their reliability. Process gauges have welded tubes which strengthens the gauge’s life span. In fact, its stainless steel body is covered with Teflon to ensure durability. Process gauges are also burn resistant.

    Ashcroft pressure gauge has features such as DuraLife, Plus Performance and PowerFlex that demonstrate the target of the company in providing state of the art, superior and reliable products to its consumers. Moreover, Ashcroft maintains admirable service to all their patrons by providing consumer assistance through customer service centers.

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  • Prince Hydraulics Inc.

    prince hydraulicFor any motorcycle, or motorcycle lover, it is a must that the parts and equipments that are to be used for the bike are of good quality, long-lasting, and reliable. No matter how expensive a part can be, whether those are brake pads, hydraulic brake fluid, foot pegs, floor boards, etc., the bike owner always looks for the manufacturer which can be trusted upon. A familiar brand manufacturer and distributor available in the country is the Prince Hydraulics Inc.

    Prince Hydraulics Inc. has been standing for decades now and has offered some other product parts like valves, pumps, and other motor related accessories. With its subsidiaries on most 3 states, its existence has ever been committed to success and be among the brand manufacturers that consumers are looking for.

    Some products that available online from Prince Hydraulics Inc. are the following:    welded cylinders, stack valves, SP gear pumps, PTO pumps, etc., most of these are sold globally with distributors

    standard prince hydraulicsIt is of Prince Hydraulics Inc. pride to be the leading manufacturer and distributor in the country. When a bike needs parts, there is only one brand trusted by many to be of high quality and standards, that is, the Prince Hydraulics Inc.

    Compared to other manufacturers such as Bosch, David Brown, and Dynex to name a few competitors of Prince Hydraulics Inc., it almost has anything and everything you need for your bike online and in any bike store. Many consumers prefer to buy the products of Prince Hydraulics rather than Bosch, David Brown and Dynex for one reason – it is cost efficient. But of course at the end of the day, it is the consumer who will decide whether a product works for him or not. May it be cost efficient or of quality standards, it is the consumer’s call.

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  • Keeping a hydraulic test equipment handy as part of your tools

    hydraulic test equipmentHydraulics is used in large onsite constructions. There are machines such as bulldozers, loaders, back hoes and cranes to name a few who uses hydraulics. These machines are proof how hydraulics is important as part of the machine.

    Not only that; these machines use hydraulics, most motor manufacturers and distributors like Honda, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and Kawasaki uses hydraulics in their bikes as brakes, clutch and pegs to enhance the performance of their product.

    Bike owners prefer to have their own tools, hydraulic test equipment, and bike parts readily available for repair in case the bike needs an immediate one. These are owners of the leading bike brands in the country like Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Honda and Kawasaki to name a few. Bike owners wanted to ensure they spend less on repair by doing it themselves. And one of the most important parts of the bike which they need to understand is the hydraulics.

    The hydraulic test equipment is usually used as diagnostic equipment to detect the hydraulic circuit faults. It is important that these circuits are tested by technicians for circuit flows which ranges from 2 to 360/min. With the hydraulic test eqdigital hydraulic test equipmentuipment for a motorcycle hydraulics being handy, with no power required and very easy to use, this tool can be kept safely in your tool box or garage to check for changes or monitor your bike.

    There is a lot of hydraulic test equipment to choose from at your favorite store. There’s mechanical hydraulic test equipment, bi-directional digital and analog hydraulic test equipment, there is custom hydraulic test equipment kits engineered for OEM’s as well.

    Hydraulic test equipment can be ordered online through many online distributors of hydraulics or directly through the manufacturer of hydraulics, to name a few big brand manufacturers are Prince Hydraulics Inc., Bosch, and Dynex. Most of their products are available online which you may purchase directly or through their global distributors.

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